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If you have any questions about adapting your car or truck with a set of custom made spacers please give us a call. We take pride in our craftsmanship and we're happy to go over the bolt patterns and other factors that are a part of installation. We understand that adding spacers can be a big decision and we are here to help you with this transition. You will not be disappointed with our service or quality.

Whether you are looking for hub-centric or wheel-centric spacers, we can supply you with the best quality custom made products for your vehicle. We custom manufacture all of our wheel adapters and wheel spacers at our factory in California where we can control both the quality of materials used and the quality of the work. We believe that we provide a superior quality product that is manufactured in the USA.

We know that most vehicle owners care a lot about the quality of the products they use on their cars, and that they also take great pride in how their car looks. This is why we only use the highest quality materials. You shouldn't have to compromise on quality just to have a good set up wheel spacers. If you are unsure of which size or type to purchase, please don't hesitate to call. We answer the phone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and any other Stripe supported card brands.

What do I torque my lugnuts to?

Your factory lug nuts go onto our studs provided by our spacer/adapter at factory settings and the lug nuts we provide go onto the studs from your hub at:

Do you sell extended studs?

The only extended wheel studs we sell:

Can you build a spacer of adapter for my vehicle?

Send us a quote request and we'll let you know!

Do you do lug conversions?

Only 8-lug duallys to the semi 10-lug pattern. The 2011 and newer Chevy/GMC dually 8x210 is the only 8 lug dually we cannot convert to 10-lug.

What is the thinnest or thickest spacer I can order from

Our machines only handle up to 3.5" at most. The AA-4 Front dually adapters are the only special exception at 4 inches. The thinnest we can go in any case is 5mm, and for spacers with studs, 4-lug, 5-lug, or 6-lug spacers can be made at 20mm and 8-lug spacers can be made at 1.5".

I have ordered product from you... where is my shipment?

We machine and send out the same day, and we ship via UPS. Contact us and we can let you know the status of your order.

Are your spacers steel or aluminum?

We machine all of our 8 and 10 lugs out of high grade American TimkenSteel and all our 4, 5, and 6 lug spacers from aircraft grade ALCOA 6061-T6 billet aluminum.

Are wheel spacers and wheel adapters safe?

Our wheel spacers, dually adapters and wheel adapters are made from top quality Timken steel (the strongest steel made in America), ALCOA 6061-T6 Aluminum, studs that are grade 10 (2 grades above what's required by the DOT) and we make them within thousands of an inch to each order.

Do wheel spacers or wheel adapters affect my vehicle's alignment (do they cause vibration)?

No as our spacers and adapters are machined to be both wheel and hub centric eliminating all vibration.

Do they affect performance and handling?

They improve the stability of the vehicle by lowering the center of gravity for a smoother and safer ride.

Do they void my warranty?

You will need to check with the manufacturer of the product under warranty.

What should I do if my wheel studs aren't long enough after the spacer is installed?

We try our best to gather all the necessary information from our customers to make sure that we don’t make an application where this is an issue. Contact us if you need more info.

What should I do if my wheel studs are too long after the spacer is installed?

If this is an issue then you will either have to cut your studs to correctly fit your setup or you will have to purchase a thicker set of spacers and adapters. If your studs protrude through the spacer and hit the back of your rims then you must stop running this application immediately as this could cause your studs to break.

Are wheel adapters safe to run on the front?

They are safe however not every car is able to adapt their front tires.

Can I change my single 3500 into a Dually 3500 and by switching it to a dually will my payload capacity go up?

Yes. And your overall payload capacity increases with adapted dually wheels.

Is it safe to run spacers if you tow with your truck quite frequently?

Yes... our heavy duty steel spacers and adapters were originally designed for towing and welding rigs, so our product will keep up with all of your towing needs.

Is there really a difference between dually wheel spacers and just standard wheel spacers?

Yes. The lip we design on our spacers vary greatly from duallys and single wheels and each one is made for your specific application.